6 September 2023

Call to stimulate the European automotive industry’s transformation and enhance competitiveness

On 6 September 2023, Ceemet, IndustriAll-Europe, ACEA, ACEM, CECRA, CLEPA, ETR and EUROBAT, representing the European automotive industry, called on the European Commission to stimulate the transformation of the European automotive industry and strengthen its competitiveness.

The signatories are positive about the renewed focus on the competitive European automotive industry but note that geopolitical challenges have put additional pressure on the decarbonisation of transport despite the sector’s efforts to complete the digital and green transitions in the best possible conditions. This risks damaging a sector that generates more than 13 million jobs in the EU. Therefore, the signatories urge the European Commission to work with sector representatives to urgently establish a robust framework to manage these challenges and prioritise six key actions:

  1. Develop a robust industrial strategy;
  2. Scale up a European zero-emission market and battery value chain;
  3. Ensure a stable and coherent regulatory environment for the sector;
  4. Enhance the skills agenda and Just Transition framework;
  5. Improve transport affordability;
  6. And ensure a global level playing field.