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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file containing small amounts of information, which is downloaded to your device when you (first) visit a website. That cookie is then sent back to the website of origin on each subsequent visit, or to another website which recognises that cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device, and they provide you with a more efficient and personalised website experience.

What cookies are used on our website(s)?

  • Technical cookies are essential for the website(s) to function properly. These cookies enable you to navigate between the various sections of our website(s) and to use specific functionalities, for example to subscribe to our newsletters or register for an event.
  • Session cookie: this cookie remembers the information you have been looking for on our website(s). For example, it allows you to use the “back to previous page” button. It is a temporary cookie which is deleted as soon as you close your browser.
  • Performance cookies (Google Analytics): they collect anonymous and aggregated information about your online behaviour (such as your browser type, the operating system used, date and time of visits, etc.) for statistical purposes and to help us improve our website(s) and a user’s experience.
  • Social media buttons: We have tried to avoid any third-party social media plugins to the largest extent possible. The only social plugging that can be found on our main website is from Twitter and is used to enable the Twitter wall on our homepage. Our website(s) offer also the possibility to share content via the most common social media platforms. When you decide to share a piece of content through one of those platforms, our website(s) will link you to that platform. Be advised that when you do so, you are bound by the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of the social media platform in question.

The cookies we use do not collect data that reveal your personal identity and therefore do not make it possible for us to identify you. Our website(s) may contain links to other websites not owned or managed by Ceemet – European Tech & Industry Employers. We are not responsible for the privacy and/or cookie practices of these third-party websites.