Health & Safety

Healthy work-life and workplaces

Employers are fully committed to providing safe working conditions and protect their employees from harm. Not only is it morally the right thing to do, but it also represents good business. As non-work factors have impact on an individual’s capacity to work and their health and safety, also employees have the responsibility for improvements in occupational health and safety conditions from individual lifestyle choices and activities taken outside of work.

Mission & Objectives

Ceemet’s Health and Safety Committee provides a forum for the industry to exchange information and discuss major national and European developments in the area of “health and safety at work” which are of interest to the metal, engineering and technology-based industries, as well as to develop current and future employers’ positions and strategies. Further, the Committee formulates Ceemet positions on EU-initiatives in the area of health and safety at work and works in partnership with other organisations to meet shared goals.

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