Third Countries Working Group

The Third Countries Working Group (TCWG) builds on the work of Ceemet’s EU-UK Future Relationship Working Group. The TCWG’s focus lies on areas of mutual interest for the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) industries, including issues related to the operation of the Single Market, EU labour market, labour mobility, freedom of movement, skills, trade and tariffs.

Mission & Objectives

The TCWG provides a forum for discussion for Ceemet member federations who are not members of the EU. It creates added value by investigating the issues and challenges which affect third countries to the EU and endeavours to limit any adverse impact they might have on the MET sector. It also provides the possibility to exchange information on third country issues among member federations of Ceemet. It endeavours to preserve and foster, wherever reasonably and realistically possible, the current relationships between the EU and its third countries where Ceemet has a member federation.

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