4 July 2017

Ceemet releases ‘New social settlement with industry’ vision paper

The release of the Vision Paper comes at half time of the mandate of EU decision makers in the Parliament and the Commission and follows the publication of European Commission’s ‘White Paper on the Future of the EU’

Ceemet is unconvinced that the current initiatives have the reach or vision to re-establish the lost connection between EU and citizens. Strengthening the existing European industrial tissue should be the first step. It is the precondition to maintain the current high standards of a social Europe, providing benefits the EU citizens can rely upon.

Manufacturing industry needs a new blended industrial strategy which in the social fields brings skills to the fore whilst removing barriers to agile working. The EU needs to recognise that there are other key economies with which EU manufacturers compete that already embrace the innovative technology.

Therefore, to stay internationally competitive, European manufacturing needs and environment that offers flexibility to facilitate doing business in Europe as a starting point.

The vision paper “New social settlement with industry” identifies in total 9 areas -ranging from strengthening in the Single Market to agile labour market and skills- and defines the objectives that must be achieved.

“The time is now to remove old uncorrected and new self-imposed barriers to improve the position of EU industry in global competition this involves all stakeholders as a new social Europe cannot be achieved without competitive industry at its heart.” – Uwe Combüchen, Ceemet Director General