22 March 2024

Ceemet addressed the Pact for Skills Forum  on 22 March 2024  !

On 22 March 2024, Ceemet addressed the High-Level Pact for Skills Forum held in Brussels.

Ceemet was amongst the founding members of the Pact for Skills for the Automotive Sector –  today known as the Automotive Skills Alliance – and is playing a dual role within it, both as Employer organisation  and as a recognised sectoral social partner.

Against this background, Isabel Sobrino, Senior policy advisor in charge of  skills policies, highlighted that Ceemet is acting as a catalyst of the pact at the local, regional, and national levels. Indeed, Ceemet members are the recognised sectoral social partners engaged in social dialogue and collective bargaining and dealing with up-skilling and re-skilling policies at company and sectoral level. The Tech and Industry Employers are thus supporting the effective implementation of the Pact at national level.

Moreover, Ceemet is also playing a key role in making the Pact community aware of the up-skilling and re-skilling schemes that have proofed successful at national level in the automotive sector. These initiatives are being scaled up at the EU level. Along these lines, the Tech and Industry Employers are also contributing with their knowledge to raise awareness as regards the training programmes that are supporting the employability of the workers while being labour market relevant.

Furthermore, Ceemet is also acting as an information and networking platform, providing their associates with information regarding funding possibilities to develop up- and re-skilling initiatives, as well as with networking and partnership opportunities.  We are also making our companies aware of the benefits of becoming a member of the Pact Community.

For the Tech and Industry Employers, it is crucial to foster labour market relevant training to ensure that companies bridge the skills gap and remain competitive and continue creating quality jobs. ASA is a key initiative in this field.