5 October 2023

Ceemet at the OECD WG on Assessment and Certification in Upper Secondary Education

On 5th October 2023, Ceemet addressed the OECD Informal Working Group on Assessment and Certification in Upper Secondary Education in Paris.

For Ceemet, education and training systems need to be geared towards the labour market and deliver the skills suited to the [DR1] evolving world of work.

As MET employers, it is important to foster basic and advanced digital skills as well as entrepreneurial skills and competences that should be embedded in VET. Soft and STEM skills are also crucial for MET companies to move forward,

During the meeting, Ceemet also stressed that it advocates for fostering, as from early education, a culture of lifelong learning in order to change the mindset towards the need to continuously train as a way to foster employability opportunities and personal development.

MET employers also support a cross-field approach in education – where you can more easily combine subjects such as technology and philosophy that would be needed to work with AI. Ceemet also highlighted the importance of putting in place well designed, effective and practical career guidance, in particular for youngsters between 14 and18. Indeed, career guidance is indispensable to guide young to employment opportunities and skills needs as well as to attract young and women to STEM and VET. In this event, Ceemet showcased some good practices from its members.

Finally, Ceemet stressed the importance of investing in excellent VET systems with a strong component of work-based learning.