19 July 2023

Ceemet replies to social partners’ consultation on the EU Talent pool

Since March 2023, Ceemet has actively contributed to the various initiatives organised by the EU Commission (social partner hearings, meetings, calls for evidence) in order to gather the views of the social partners and other stakeholders on the EU talent pool.

Ceemet welcomes this initiative as one of the solutions to remedy the skills and labour shortages from which MET companies are suffering in Europe, making them less competitive on the international scene.

For the tech and industry employers, the talent pool, if designed in a user-friendly manner, will certainly facilitate the recruitment of the qualified workers that MET companies are looking for and it represents thus one of the manners to address labour shortages.

As for the organisational aspects of the EU talent pool, Ceemet is in favour of building it on certain elements of EURES such as the interoperability with national recruitment portals and other private and sectoral portals. In order to ensure its success, the pool will have to facilitate automatic matching.

As the policy instrument required for the development of the EU talent pool is legally binding and would thus require lengthy discussions amongst the Member States before it can be put in place, Ceemet is of the opinion that policymakers could already start working on improving and modernising the EU immigration portal to provide accessible, interactive and user-friendly information to third-country nationals wishing to settle and work in the EU, for examples. This portal could also act, in the future, as a support tool of the talent pool.