20 September 2023

Ceemet submitted its reply to improve the quality of traineeships

On 15 September 2023, Ceemet submitted its reply to the first-phase consultation of social partners on a possible action further improving the quality of traineeships organised by the European Commission.

In its response, Ceemet highlighted that traineeships are, undeniably, an important entry point into the labour market as they ease the transition to employment and help trainees obtain what often is their first work experience. However, Ceemet considers that the rules governing traineeships schemes must be addressed and determined at national level and need to take into account the established practices and the nature of industrial relation systems.

Indeed, for the MET employers the current Quality Framework for Traineeships (QFT) already offers an effective framework to determine the quality of traineeships. An update of the Council Recommendation on QFT, in order to adapt it to the changes that have occurred in the world of work since 2014, as well as a reinforced practical application of the QFT principles on the ground will be sufficient to support the development and increase the quality of traineeships in Europe.

The deployment of supportive measures such as the development of awareness raising programmes and campaigns regarding the principles of the QFT should be favoured.