25 January 2023

Hearing on learning mobility

On 25 January 2023, Ceemet participated as part of the employers’ delegation in the social partners´ hearing on learning mobility organised by DG Employment to discuss the update of the learning mobility framework.

Ceemet agrees with the Commission’s objective of addressing the relatively low levels of participation in learning mobility, in particular outside higher education by tackling obstacles and disincentives to it. Indeed, the tech and industry employers are fully convinced about the added value of learning mobility as mobile learners are more likely to become the mobile workers of the future. The mobility of learners further contributes to the development of essential soft skills (language, culture etc) that are crucial for our industries.

As regards more specifically the mobility of apprentices, Ceemet highlighted that whereas MET companies see mobility as a positive investment, they are also conscious of the multiple obstacles to its practical implementation, such as the lack of administrative capacity & red tape as well as financial constraints.

The hearing was also the occasion for Cedefop to present the main highlights of their study on international long term mobility (LTM) of apprentices. This study identifies for example the challenges for employers to engage in the LTM of apprentices. On this matter, Ceemet underscored that it fully shares Cedefop’s findings on the additional obstacles for employers such as the risk of brain drain: companies might fear losing the apprentice after the mobility period.

The tech and industry employers are of the firm believe that apprenticeship schemes with a strong training component are crucial to our industries as it is a way to train the industrial employees of the future. Against this background, Ceemet and its member associations stand ready to contribute to the discussions on how to best promote the international mobility of apprentices.