6 June 2023

“There’s no green transition without skills.“

On 6 June 2023, Ceemet participated in the webinar on “Access to Career Guidance and Adult Education – A Building Block for a Just, Green Transition”, organised by SkillLab and the European Training Foundation, in the framework of the European Green week.

During its intervention at this event, Ceemet reiterated its positions and proposals on how to ensure a successful and fair green transition.

Delphine Rudelli, Ceemet Director General, highlighted that the 200 000 companies in the metal, engineering and technology-based industries that Ceemet represents cover a wide range of sectors that will experience different impacts from twin transition. Upskilling and reskilling of the workforce will be the key to success and this is based on a proper anticipation of skills, effective career guidance for workers, modern and efficient training tools, investment in effective VET systems and support for SMEs, to name a few. The role of social partners – and of social dialogue at all appropriate levels – to develop these policies was of course deemed crucial by Ceemet.

As a summary of these in-depth discussions, ETF expert Romain Boitard expressed the conclusions in an article entitled:

“There’s no green transition without skills.“

The panellists concluded that the role of career guidance and adult education are the key to achieving a just green transition. The green economy, the new technologies, the proliferation of artificial intelligence and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions highlight the necessity to up-skill and reskill workers, and invest in new training and career guidance.

“The need for education and training to adapt to these changes is undeniable.”, stated Romain Boitard.

This was confirmed by Delphine Rudelli, Ceemet’ Director General during the webinar. She explained that:

“as employers, we know that skills need to be seen as an investment, although we realise that for small businesses this can be a real challenge.”