30 August 2023

Call to safeguard genuine self-employment in the Platform Workers Directive

Upfront EU-wide criteria needed to maintain self-employment in Europe

Industry representatives warn that a lack of a pre-established EU-wide criteria on employment relationships in the Platform Workers Directive could be detrimental for small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed workers.

IRU, HOTREC and CEEMET – representing road transport operators, hospitality and the metal, engineering and technology-based industries – have called upon legislators to agree on an upfront EU-wide criteria to determine the existence of an employment relationship in the Platform Workers Directive, as provided in the Council’s General Approach.

This EU-wide criteria should classify the relation as employment or self-employment from the onset, maintain national appeal systems, and allow platforms to collaborate with genuine self-employed workers without receiving the status of employer when acting in compliance with specific national legislation or collective agreements.