14 March 2019

Ceemet Posting expertise in demand

It became quiet around the politically discussed revision of the Posting of Workers Directive. On a working level, however, labour lawyers are doing their best in translation regulation in to practical (or unpractical) ways to work.

At the 6th European Labour Mobility Congress in Krakow (Poland) Ceemet’s Chair of the European affairs committee and Posting of Workers expert, Hilde Thys, was invited for a speech and panel discussion on the ‘Forgotten Sectors of the Posting of Workers‘.

Highlighting a few facts:

  1. Posting companies want to abide the law, but keep it strict and simple!
  2. Posting in the technological sectors is a success factor in regional development because of the highly specilised profiles.
  3. Revision before enforcement and a sectoral approach is not efficient.

Hilde Thys decribes the solution as following: “We have to think and act smart, following the KISS (Keep It Simple but Strict) principle. Provide a EU Remuneration Calculator creating legal cerainty for employers, employees AND inspectors. And verify if provided content is clear, complete and accessible.

Ceemet Posting of Workers Directive #ELMC2019 #HildeThys

Organised by the European Mobility Initiative Association, the ELMC, became the largest event in Europe dedicated to the Posting of Workers, bringing experts together.