30 April 2024

Hearing on the e-declaration for posting of workers

On 29 April, Ceemet participated in a social partner hearing convened by the European Commission, dedicated to the e-declaration for the posting of workers. The hearing featured presentations by the European Commission, alongside interventions from employers’ organizations and trade unions. Overall, for Tech and Industry employers, this event represented a significant occasion to reaffirm our stance on this important topic and to receive updated information on the evolution of this dossier at the national level.  

Based on the Posting of Workers Enforcement Directive 2014/67/EU, all Member States were asked to introduce a reporting obligation to declare the posting of workers to their territory to allow for inspections and guarantee the respect for workers’ rights. However, differences among declaration procedures across the Member State and complex administrative processes often create considerable challenges for the posting companies. Therefore, Ceemet endorses the implementation of e-declaration, an EU digital tool that can among other things, streamline reporting obligations in situations involving the posting of workers. We firmly believe that e-declaration holds the potential to reduce fraud and enhance compliance with posting obligations, while minimizing administrative burden for the companies.

Furthermore, Ceemet supports the initiative concerning the technical implementation of a common electronic form and advocates for the creation of a secure, simple, and user-friendly platform. 

Additionally, we want to emphasizes the necessity for a uniform list of information requirements that must be submitted by companies across all EU Member States. In this regard, Ceemet is pleased to learn about the progress made within an informal expert group on the development of the common list of information requirements. 

We also welcome the study contracted by the European Commission which looks at the existing level of administrative burden on posting companies, on the effects of e-declaration and various implementation options when it comes to burden reduction. 

Ceemet calls on all EU Member States to endorse this initiative and will continue to work closely with all interested stakeholders.