6 April 2017

Ceemet highlights importance of digital skills for industry 4.0 at EPSCO

For the 2nd and consecutive time Ceemet participated at the informal meeting of EU’s Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs (EPSCO), this time in Malta’s capital Valletta

The topic of the meeting was ‘Making Work Pay’ and addressed 3 specific topics:

  1. Knowledge & Skills
  2. Inequalities in the EU labour market
  3. Labour market as vehicle for social inclusion

Ceemet Director General Uwe Combüchen used this opportunity to present some key findings of the Ceemet Chief Economists Report 2017 (CER). A report which was presented at Ceemet’s Annual Reception in the presence of Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip.

The CER confirms that the average wages in the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries (MET) sector exceed those in other sectors in Europe. In addition, between 2014 and 2016, nominal wage increases had been above labour productivity and consumer price increases. This means that MET employees did get a fair share.

CEEMET Chief Economists Report CER EPSCO @EU2017MT

Context of economic reality

This is remarkable in times of unusual economic and political uncertainties, with continued underinvestment and flat productivity growth. It is important to continue reducing – often – too high tax-wedges.

The best remedy for social inclusion is getting people in a job”, said Uwe Combüchen,“MET industries have contributed by creating 1 million new jobs, since 2014.

The digital transformation of MET industries requires a broad digital skill set. This increases the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), VET (Vocation, Education, Training) and lifelong learning. “Upskilling and reskilling is a shared responsibility between government, employers and employees”, concluded Mr. Combüchen.



FLTR from the Maltese government Minister for Education & Employment Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Social Dialogue Helena Dalli, Minister for Family & Social Solidarity Michael Farrugia with Ceemet Director General Uwe Combüchen