1 July 2024

Hungary assumes EU Council Presidency with a commitment to prioritise competitiveness

Today, 1 July 2024, marks the handover of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Belgium to Hungary, at a challenging time for our industries. Over the next six months, Hungary will steward the work of the EU Council in its various formats and try to broker agreements with the Member States.

MET employers welcome many of the Presidency’s priorities, most notably to deliver a European Competitiveness Deal and tackle the demographic challenge. We must see the delivery of a real competitiveness agenda for companies. Enhancing the EU’s competitiveness, reducing regulatory burdens, and fostering a favourable business environment is crucial following the difficult economic circumstances of recent years.

Furthermore, the focus on dealing with the EU’s demographic challenge is to be welcomed from a Ceemet perspective. This is a key element in the fight against labour and skills shortages which have plagued Europe for too long.

Following recent engagements with the Presidency, we broadly welcome Hungary’s priorities to ensure a dynamic and resilient European economy. By prioritising competitiveness, Hungary aims to put the EU economy back on an upward trajectory by increasing productivity and innovation. 

As Hungary takes the helm of the EU Council, MET employers stand ready to play their part in helping the Hungarian presidency achieve their aims to improve the lives of workers, facilitate the operations of MET companies and provide tangible benefits for the European economy.