1 July 2020

“Together for Europe’s recovery” – Ceemet’s input for the German Presidency

Today Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency until the end of the year. Under the motto “Together for Europe’s recovery”, the German Government puts the focus of its Presidency on overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and navigating through the challenges that will define the future and eventually make Europe stronger.

The focus areas of this Presidency will be

  1. Overcoming the coronavirus crisis in the long term as well as economic recovery
  2. Get a deal on the MFF and EU budget
  3. Advance the negotiations with the United Kingdom on a Future Relationship
  4. Make Europe stronger via i.a. climate protection, digitalisation of industry and society

Industry input to #EU2020DE

What are Ceemet’s ideas and recommendations for a sustainable recovery from COVID-19 that enables both Europe and its industry to become more resilient and fit for the future?

Ceemet’s Recovery plan for a competitive industry in a resilient Europe, Europe’s employers from the Metal, Engineering and Tech-based (MET) industries outline 12 recommendations that are crucial for companies and workers to enable growth and safeguarding jobs. 9 out of those 12 recommendations have been picked up by the European Commission in their #NextGenerationEU proposal.

Ceemet’s Recovery plan, which has been presented at the Tripartite Social Summit on 23 June 2020 supplements the 10 Point Plan for a competitive industry sustaining social Europe that was launched ahead of the European elections. It serves as a guideline in what the specific needs are in the 10 key areas Ceemet identified. The 10 Point Plan in connection with our Recovery plan provide a good overview of where EU industry stands and what needs to be done to maintain its competitiveness also as a precondition to sustain Europe’s unparalleled levels of social spending.

Goals of #EU2020DE

Making Europe stronger, more equitable and more sustainable is the overall goal of the German Presidency. The motto “Together for Europe’s recovery” invites all stakeholders to contribute with their field of expertise. With the Recovery plan and the 10 Point Plan Ceemet has done exactly that. Contributing to a new normal caused by the major transformation processes being it climate change, digital transformation and the changing world of work during the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Ceemet wishes the German Presidency the best of luck to succeed on these exceptional challenges in these exceptional times.