20 October 2017

Ceemet’s comment on EU Council outcome

Commenting on the outcome of today’s European Council, Ceemet Director General Uwe Combüchen stated :

As technology and industry employers, we welcome the positive signs coming from today’s Council meeting on the Article 50 process. We are glad to see that our calls for a transition period have been heeded by all parties concerned. We welcome the recognition of a Union interest in a transition period which is needed for European industry to avoid damaging complex and integrated supply chains and export activity.”

“However, now we must see action from both sides within the negotiations to come to agreement on a clear and meaningful transition period by the end of the year, in order to ensure the hard won growth and jobs across Europe.”

Ceemet believes that we must ensure that negotiations on UK exit deliver a “reasonable deal in reasonable time” for all European manufacturers. Ceemet urges for that reason for a minimal disruption for business, employers and employees in Europe.

Find below Ceemet’s full statement on what it would take – from an industry point of view – for a smooth Brexit.