1 July 2021

EU Digital COVID Certificate – scaling up a good idea

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is an important step for European companies operating across borders. Industries, like the Tech & Industry sector, are part of global supply chains and Ceemet encourages policy makers to scale up the certification system to a global level.

While the world is re-opening its borders, the recovery of industry has started. The introduction of the new and harmonised certification system is a concrete tool to facilitate that recovery. It marks an end to the different systems that were in place and creates clarity and certainty for employers and their workers.

As Ceemet industries are part of global supply chains, a solution must be brought to the table that avoids a patchwork of different rules and tools and facilitates essential international travels.

Mutual recognition of certificates

At their last summit in June, the G7 countries committed to work towards a process of mutual acceptance of COVID-19 certificates. This mutual recognition of ‘vaccine passports’ is crucial to support globally interconnected manufacturing, ensuring smooth passage of workers and will help to boost the recovery.

A swift mutual recognition of certification systems in neighbouring countries – such as Norway, Switzerland and the UK – would be a first step.

“Ceemet encourages Heads of States and Governments to pursue the path of mutual recognition of COVID-19 travel certificates. The post-COVID recovery is a global one, and by cooperating we can facilitate that global recovery.”

Interoperable systems

says Delphine Rudelli, Ceemet Director General.

Other countries can join Europe’s Digital COVID Certificate or handle the principle of mutual recognition. A further essential development would ensure the different national and international systems were interoperable.

The elimination of bottlenecks, administrative workload and uncertainty would support the cross-border travel of employees which Ceemet’s tech and industry companies rely upon.

The advantages of a clear set of rules and procedures are to the benefit of business and investments overall.

Delphine Rudelli concludes:

“We need to think bigger if we want a swift recovery. The technology is available, that is not the question, we need to want it.”