7 May 2021

EU Social Summit: Tech & Industry sector represented in Porto

The highlight of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council is taking place today.

Amongst the selective list of participants figure Prime Ministers, high ranking MEPs, trade union and employer organisation representatives.

As sole sector employer organisation, Ceemet’s Director General Delphine Rudelli will participate in the “Work & Employment” workshop at the Porto Summit.

Social dimension & competitive industry

Europe’s success of social cohesion and prosperity relies on an even more successful industry. The metal, engineering and technology-based (MET) industries Ceemet represents kept employment levels stable at 17.7 million workers or 51% of total manufacturing in Europe in 2020. Keeping those levels stable was possible because short-time-working schemes and other measures that avoided some of the worst economic effects of the pandemic. This matters knowing that production and exports decreased by 11%.

Competitive industry sustaining social Europe

Competitiveness and resilience are intrinsically linked to the social dimension. At today’s summit Ceemet’s objective is to remind the other participants that to remain social, the EU should not (over)regulate labour markets.