4 April 2024

Industry engages with policymakers ahead of the European elections

On Thursday 4 April 2024, Ceemet, in partnership with Lukas Mandl MEP, hosted a breakfast event in the European Parliament entitled “In the next EU mandate, how can we create Better Regulation?”
The breakfast event was attended by key stakeholders, including representatives from the EU institutions, social partners and business associations. The European Parliament’s Members Salon was the venue for the engaging discussions and insightful exchanges aimed at addressing the critical need to explore new ways of achieving more effective and efficient EU regulation.

Through two panel discussions, made up of industry representatives and policy makers, participants delved into two key aspects of Better Regulation, namely the EU’s legislative competence and the importance of improving impact assessments for European legislation.

On the first panel on EU competence, panellists engaged in robust discussions on the boundaries in this area, with speakers shedding light on the real challenges for industry. On the second panel on impact assessments, panellists highlighted that while impact assessments of European legislation provide valuable insights, they are far from perfect and must see improvement in the next EU mandate, ensuring that EU legislation is thoroughly evaluated for its potential effects on companies.

Following the panels, Lukas Mandl MEP gave his insights into the current regulatory situation in the EU, insisting that he fully shared the principles of Better Regulation. For him, it is crucial to ensure innovation in Europe and foster our industrial base, so we do not become only a continent of consumers.

Finally, the Ceemet European election manifesto was presented by Ceemet Director General Delphine Rudelli. Ceemet’s DG briefly touched on the four critical elements from a Ceemet perspective for fostering an internationally competitive and social industry in Europe: frictionless labour mobility; fit for purpose regulation; a highly skilled workforce and ensuring a key role for social partners in the decision-making process. However, she zoned in on the theme of the event, Better Regulation. The Ceemet DG put a particular emphasis on the MET employers organisation’s key requests in this area such as: the one in one out principle, impact assessments and the need to fully respect the principles of subsidiarity of proportionality.

Ceemet looks forward to further engagement with all of those present on this crucial issue for EU industry.