4 June 2024

Ceemet visits EU-OSHA for important discussions on workplace safety and health

On 30 and 31 May 2024, the Ceemet Health and Safety Committee held a two-day visit to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) in Bilbao, Spain. This coincided with the 50th meeting of this Ceemet committee, showing the MET industries steadfast support for workers safety in Europe. This was the occasion for the delegation of OSH experts from Ceemet to engage with representatives from the EU agency on some of the particularly pertinent issues of interest for our industries.

The visit began with a warm welcome from the Executive Director of EU-OSHA, Mr William Cockburn Salazar, who emphasised the agency’s commitment to fostering a safer and healthier work environment across Europe. The Executive Director also highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing emerging challenges and the agency’s added value as an information provider and interlocutor for a wide range of OSH stakeholders in Europe.

During the sessions, the delegation delved into the impact of mental health on workplace productivity and employee well-being. The discussions underscored the necessity for proactive measures to address this challenge. The Ceemet OSH experts also addressed the implications of digitalisation and AI on MET production. The examples provided covered both the opportunities and potential risks associated with new technologies at the workplace. While the focus was on how we can leverage new technologies to improve workplace safety standards, the conclusion was that we must ensure we strike the right balance between innovation and risk management.

The complex regulatory landscape that governs the use of hazardous substances at the workplace was another key topic addressed during the two-day visit. This part of the meeting explored strategies for ensuring compliance with EU chemicals legislation but also highlighted many of the overlapping requirements for employers in this context. The final part of the discussions was on the critical issue of developing effective methods to reach SMEs, which often face unique challenges in implementing OSH measures. The discussions included innovative approaches to disseminate information, provide training and support these businesses in creating safer work environments.

The two-day meeting concluded with both Ceemet and EU-OSHA reaffirming their commitment to work together to enhance OSH standards across the MET industries in Europe.