16 September 2021

European perspective on Digitalisation and Health & Safety at work

On 14 September, Ceemet’s Senior Policy Advisor John Harkin answered the question at the International Conference “Challenges in the transformation in the industry” organised by the Bulgarian Ceemet member, BBCMB, the Bulgarian Branch Chamber – Machine Building.

During the three-day conference, one session was organised to provide the participants with an overview of the existing solutions to be found within the digitalisation of industry. On that occasion, John was able to give the European perspective and to explain how these solutions are making the workplace both healthier and safer.

3 key messages

  1. Digitalisation, safety and health is an innovative combination as technological progress has significantly improved health and safety at work. The #tech and #industry companies Ceemet represents shaped the automation of tasks that has replaced physical labour that was in some instances performed in difficult situations.
  2. Safety is about finding the balance between regulation and innovation. Where transformation is a driver for innovation and a provider of solutions, it is also true that digitalisation creates challenges with regard to health and safety. If considered at the beginning of a process, and not just as an afterthought, the benefit of this evolution outweighs any possible known harm.
  3. Digital solutions can keep workers healthy. A concrete example of this is smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It can provide the dual benefit of training and correcting behaviour while protecting the worker.

Digitalisation is making work safer and healthier. By consequence, the often highly skilled workers are able to stay longer in their job. This is a necessity in an #ageingsociety and in times where industry is facing a level of #skillsshortages that is undermining their competitiveness. It is fair to say that the impact of digitalisation is going beyond safety and health.

Interested in more? Read Ceemet’s “Digitalisation and the World of Occupational Safety & Health” report and check the Digitalisation and the World of Work website for more background information.