Ceemet and ECEG Career Guidance Position Paper of MET and Chemical industries

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24 January 2023
On 24 January 2023, Ceemet and ECEG (European Chemicals Employers) organised a joint event on “career guidance in a changing world of work – the case of the MET and chemical industries”. This event that took place in the European Parliamen was hosted by MEP Sylvie Brunet, Renew Europe, France.

It was the occasion for these sectors to present their recommendations on how to improve career guidance for people between 14-18 in order to motivate them to follow STEM-related studies, vocational education and training, and as a result, to work for our industrial sectors.

Ceemet and ECEG consider, amongst other priorities, that:

  • Public authorities should invest in effective, practical, and flexible career guidance free from gender stereotypes. They should also put in place communication campaigns to promote vocational education and training as a proper alternative for academic paths in industry.
  • The educational system with the support of public authorities should invest in tailor made career advice targeted to youngsters.
  • The chemical and MET sectors should reinforce the link between educational institutions, industry, and career guidance professionals. They  should organize informative sessions and awareness raising events/campaign to promote the good working conditions existing in the chemical and MET industries.
  • Parents should guide children towards STEM studies