Ceemet position paper on the Commission proposal for a Regulation establishing an EU Talent Pool

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4 March 2024

On 28 February 2024, Ceemet issued a position paper on the Commission proposal for a Regulation establishing an EU Talent Pool.

We welcome the fact that the proposal recognizes labour and skills shortages faced by the employers in many sectors as well as difficulties experienced by the employers and third – country nationals in relation to international recruitment.

Ceemet favours the idea of establishing the EU talent pool,  an online platform that will help matching the job vacancies posted by the employers in the EU with the profiles of jobseekers who reside outside the EU. 

We support the fact that the tool will be open to all third-country nationals residing outside the EU and we would like to highlight that the proposed regulation has to equally benefit all the jobseekers and not only those whose countries are part of such a “Talent Partnership” Initiative. The Tech and industry employers are also in agreement with the proposal to introduce the possibility for participating Member States to put in place accelerated immigration procedures, particularly in relation to the obtention of visas and residence permits for work purposes. Immigration procedures often involve long waiting times which create barriers for both the employers and the employees. 

Additionally, Ceemet is pleased to see that the proposed regulation includes an Annex with the list of shortage occupations, which includes many occupations that our industries require. 

Finally, we would like to highlight the importance of the active involvement of  sectoral social partners, and in particular  employers´federations, especially when it comes to the development and update of the shortage occupation lists. 

Overall, we endorse the proposal of the European Commission and believe that EU Talent pool will help to address the existing and future labour and skills shortages and promote international recruitment.