MET social partners unveil their priorities for the 2024 EU elections to ensure a robust industrial strategy for quality jobs in Europe

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15 March 2024

On 15 March 2024, Ceemet and industriAll Europe held their annual social dialogue competitiveness and employment working group. In addition to discussing topical issues such as the new artificial intelligence rules and the challenges faced by the industries in the midst of the twin transition, the MET social partners uncovered their joint priorities for the 2024 EU elections.

Europe’s MET industries are responsible for more than 17 million direct and 35 million indirect jobs in the EU. They are the backbone of Europe’s economy. In recent years, the MET sectors, their companies and their workers have faced unprecedented waves of crisis, from the lingering effects of the pandemic, to supply chain disruptions that have exposed our heavy dependence on others, to war in Europe and an energy crisis that has crippled households and industry. Against this background and in view of the 2024 European elections, industriAll Europe and Ceemet have set out their priorities for the European MET sector, calling for holistic responses from the European level in order to tackle the different challenges faced by the industries, such as a robust industrial strategy for quality industrial jobs in Europe, a stable and coherent regulatory environment for the sector, a re-skilling and up-skilling agenda, Social Dialogue and social partner involvement and a level global playing field.