Position on the proposal for a Directive amending Council Directive 92/85/eec on the safety and health at work of pregnant workers

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29 October 2009
Ceemet is committed to the overall goals of the proposal. However, the employers consider that the changes set out in the Commission’s proposal would have an adverse impact on many European companies, without necessarily improving the reconciliation of professional, private and family life for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is because the Commission’s proposed changes to the duration of maternity leave, when this leave can be taken and the level of maternity pay as well as changes to associated employment rights will result in increased costs and administrative burdens for many European employers.

Because of the different ways in which Member States have sought to address the reconciliation of professional, private and family life, Ceemet considers that any changes proposed to this Directive should deal exclusively with the protection of the health and safety of pregnant workers.

Furthermore, Ceemet considers that the additional costs and administrative burdens that would be imposed on many European companies by these proposed changes and their possible unintended adverse impact on women’s employment levels should be carefully analysed before any changes to this Directive are finalised.