Reply to consultation on establishing a “European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training”

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23 March 2007
Ceemet supports the objectives of enhanced mobility and improved transparency of qualifications and welcomes a concept promoting the “learning outcomes” approach as described in the consultation document.
However considering the number of questions raised by the concrete implementation of European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training” (ECVET), Ceemet believes it is crucial that beforehand pilot projects and studies on ECVET are conducted and that their results are accessible and thoroughly discussed.
  • The most important objectives and functions of ECVET is to allow individuals to have learning outcomes acquired abroad taken into consideration for the purposes of issuing a qualification in its country of origin, the “learning outcomes” being acquired through formal, informal or non-formal learning processes.
  • Ceemet welcomes the “learning outcomes” approach which is essential for companies and necessary to make ECVET compatible with EQF.
  • If the theoretical objectives and function of the ECVET system are fully outlined, the variety of training situations/actors/competent authorities that could be involved make it impossible to have a clear view of its concrete implementation. Some guidelines ensuring a minimum content of the MoU and thus the quality of trainings may be necessary.
  • The concrete result of the ECVET will depend very much on the way it will be implemented and on the agreed “memoranda”.