Tech and Industry employers’ views on Digitalisation and Productivity

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21 March 2023
MET employers’ give their views on Digitalisation and Productivity
On 21 March 2023, Ceemet members agree a paper which presents sectoral employers views on the pertinent topic of digitalisation and productivity.

According to MET economists, despite a small number of exceptions, productivity growth has declined in most developed countries in recent decades. However, paradoxically, the introduction of digitalisation and new technologies to companies are often regarded as a possible way to increase productivity. This paper investigates the link between these two phenomena in the MET sector.

Ceemet suggests to:

  • increase the added value of the work done at production sites.
  • continue ensuring work is carried out in a safe and healthy environment thereby helping to ensure a motivated workforce.
  • work smarter, employing the correct tools, with the right skills and knowledge deployed in the correct manner.
  • avoid bureaucracy which put burden on the competitiveness of European MET companies.

The paper proposes eight recommendations for the EU policy makers regarding global markets, administrative modernisation with digital tools, investment, skills, connectivity, taxes and research & development.