Tech & Industry employer’s views on the Annual Growth Survey 2020

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30 October 2019
Economic growth continues in some Member States, however at a slower pace, indicating that there are economic clouds on the horizon. This highlights the need for continued reforms of EU labour markets ensuring adequate links between the education systems and those labour markets, which need better support to ensure the digital transformation.
  1. MET industries are particularly sensitive to the economic changes which we see occuring;
  2. While in some Member States, production figures remain high, and at present, exports continue to drive growth both inside and outside of the EU;
  3. The investment gap continues to be a problem for the MET sector;
  4. Digitalisation in itself is a huge boost to the industries Ceemet represents;
  5. The upcoming economic situation is both fragile and unpredictable. We must ensure that as the primary exporter in the EU, the MET industries are not hampered vis-a-vis its competitors.