16 May 2024

Call for an Industrial Deal focused on ensuring quality industrial jobs in Europe

On 15 May, Ceemet and the social partners and industry associations from the manufacturing sector joined the Antwerp Dialogue focused on the quality of jobs for workers in Europe’s industrial sector. This meeting was initiated by Cefic and industriAll Europe to bring the social perspective to the Antwerp declaration and to discuss ways to ensure quality jobs for European workers in Europe in the frame of the Green transition.

Over 40 representatives from government, trade unions, associations and companies discussed:
🔄 Ensuring a just transition for our industries and workforce
🛠️ Developing a reskilling and upskilling agenda
🤝 Promoting social dialogue and social partners’ involvement
⚖️ Ensuring a stable & coherent regulatory environment

Commissioner for Employment & Social Affairs, Nicolas Schmit, the Belgian Presidency represented by Pierre-Yves Dermagne’s Cabinet and industriAll Europe’s President, Michael Vassiliadis,  also brought their contribution and reactions to the debate.

On that occasion, 15 social partners, including Ceemet, and industrial associations from the manufacturing industries[1] handed over their joint statement “A European Industrial Deal focused on ensuring quality industrial jobs in Europe” to Commissioner Schmit. 

Full text of the joint statement is available here:

[1] ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’​ Association),  UEPG (Aggregates Europe), CEC (European Confederation of the Footwear Industry), Ceemet (European Tech & Industry Employers), CepiCerame-UnieCLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), COTANCEECEG (European Chemical Employers Group), EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Confederation), Eurometaux (European Metals Association)Euromines(the European Steel Association), SeaEurope, Eurelectric, IMA-Europe and industriAll Europe.