4 June 2024

Ceemet participates in the EU Tripartite Exchange Seminar for a fair and green transition

On 29 to 31st May 2024, Ceemet actively participated in the Tripartite Exchange Seminar held in the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.  Organised by the European agencies Cedefop, EEA (European Environment Agency), ETF (European Training Foundation) and Eurofound, the meeting gathered social partners and government representatives across Europe and aimed at  discussing the role of social dialogue and social partnership in dealing with the green transition.

The 3 -days meeting began with the contributions from the different EU agencies, the EU cross-industry social partners and the European Commission which emphasized that it is well- proven that Member States with well-functioning social dialogue have more resilient labour markets with lower numbers of low paid workers and lower levels of unemployment. Furthermore, the representatives of the EESC employers´ and workers´ group shared their views regarding the role of social dialogue in the green transition. From the European Commission, Frank Siebern-Thomas, Head of Fair, Green, and Digital Transitions,  Research Unit in  DG Employment  focused his presentation on the employment and social dimension of the  green transition and specifically referred to  the Council Recommendation on ensuring a fair transition towards climate neutrality.

The seminar allowed participants to discuss in depth in a practical and interactive manner how social dialogue can contribute to a smoother just transition that leaves no one behind.  To this end, the representatives of governments, employers and  trade unions also commented on the challenges and opportunities for social dialogue to pursue a green and digital transition in the different Member States .

This was the occasion for Ceemet to recall that effective social dialogue significantly contributes to industrial competitiveness and the creation of quality jobs. For this reason, it is essential to leave social partners the necessary room for manoeuvre to find the most suitable and efficient tailor-made solutions that can sort out the growing challenges of the world of work, including the green transition.

It is crucial to   consult social partners in a proper and timely manner as regards the development and deployment of employment and skills related policies. Today, all policies and legislative proposals are interconnected, and “greening policies” and “industrial policies” exert a substantial impact on labour markets and thus on companies and workers. In light of this, the Tech and Industry Employers´ continue to advocate for policymakers to consult social partners in the formulation and implementation of such policies.

The Tripartite Exchange Sumit participants will meet again in the end of the year to follow-up on the discussions regarding the role of social partners in dealing with the green transition.

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