11 April 2019

Brexit no-deal catastrophe avoided

Ceemet, the European Tech & Industry Employers Employers, welcomes the flexible extension of the Brexit deadline avoiding a no deal catastrophe.

In a joint letter sent ahead of the European Council to each of the EU 27 Permanent Representatives and Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, Ceemet and its UK member organisation Make UK warn of the risk of economic shocks if negotiators fail to agree a deal that works for business in both the European Union and the UK.

The outcome of the Council meeting provides some level of certainty and clarity for companies and by consequence its workers. Therefore, we are pleased to see that for the time being we do not have to spend time, solving unintended consequences and economic collateral damage arising from a failure to agree an orderly exit.

Reacting to the outcome Ceemet Director General Uwe Combüchen said

“Time must be used efficiently and constructively for a smooth as possible Brexit.”