1 December 2017

Ceemet Director General meets UK Under Secretary for Business

In the context of the ongoing Brexit negotiations, the Director General of the European Tech & Industry Employers’ association Uwe Combüchen met yesterday with Lord Henley, the parliamentary Under Secretary for Business and Industrial Strategy.

To ensure business continuity and avoid any disruption of the complex and integrated supply chains and export activity, Ceemet urges the negotiators to consider following 5 points:

  1. A time limited transitional period, reducing the risk of economic shocks;
  2. Maintain free and frictionless trade, avoiding tariff and non-tariff barriers to the movement of goods and ensuring the integrity of the single market;
  3. Enable people to move freely across borders to support complex supply chains and address the sectors skills gap;
  4. A single regulatory environment, supported by mutual recognition and regulatory cooperation;
  5. Consultation of industry is essential in ensuring negotiations deliver a deal which works for manufacturers across Europe and in the UK.

Mr. Combüchen repeated -once again- Ceemet’s call saying that:

“Companies across the continent want to see swift progress on transitional arrangements to avoid unintended consequences and economic collateral damage arising from a failure to agree an orderly exit.”