9 January 2018

Ceemet Vice President meets EU Chief Brexit negotiator

Michel Barnier met this morning, within the EU27 consultations, Dutch industry representatives with the aim of reaching out to all relevant players.

For the Tech and Industry employers, Ceemet Vice President and FME President Ineke Dezentjé Hamming Bluemink participated.

She used the opportunity to highlight the 5 priorities for an industry sector that is built upon a cross boarder value chain creation and provides European wide 35 million direct and indirect jobs.

  1. Provide a time limited transitional period to ensure legal certainty and a stable and predictable legal framework for companies;
  2. Maintain free and frictionless trade, avoiding tariff and non-tariff barriers to the movement of goods and services and ensuring the integrity of the single market;
  3. Enable people to move freely across borders to support complex supply chains and address the sectors skills gap;
  4. Ensure a single regulatory environment, supported by mutual recognition and regulatory cooperation;
  5. Consultation of industry is essential in ensuring negotiation deliver a deal which works for manufacturers across Europe and in the UK.

These 5 main points follow the earlier Ceemet publication ‘Brexit: a lose-lose situation for EU manufacturers’ which was worldwide referred to.

In line with the previously mentioned priorities, Chief negotiator Barnier said that he would include Ceemet/FME into the industry soundboard during the negotiation process.

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