25 January 2019

Industry developed Brexit toolkit to support companies

Similar concerns on both sides

Tech & Industry sector companies of all sizes, across the EU & the UK continue to raise their questions and concerns about what Brexit will mean for their business on a practical level.

And no wonder – approximately half of UK exports and imports are to and from the EU. No matter the exact form Brexit takes, manufactures are rightly looking to plan for every eventuality now and understand how Brexit will affect their day-to-day operations and bottom line.

To support manufacturers, Ceemet’s UK member Make UK has developed a Brexit Toolkit (by clicking this link you will leave the Ceemet website). This Toolkit, produced in partnership with experienced customs and export software developers, i2i Infinity, addresses the key trade and customs issues British importers and exporters will face. The Toolkit asks the manufacturer a series of questions to help customise the results for their particular sector, product, supply chain and import/export situation. The programme will then create a customised report that summarises the tariff costs and customs issues that a particular company will face in importing and exporting with the EU.Ceemet Brexit #10PointPlan #Tech #Industry #manufacturing

A few of the areas the Toolkit addresses include:

  • which tariff codes and rates could apply to particular components and final products
  • what customs forms will be needed for different types of products and raw goods
  • how to map a supply chain and entire goods flow into and out of the UK
  • what warehousing arrangements may be needed
  • considering proof of origin certification of goods
  • considering whether to become an Authorised Ec
  • what restrictions will be applicable (e.g. taking goods to a tradeshow in the EU)

This Toolkit, although created with the particular needs of manufacturers in mind, could also be useful to any business that imports and exports products to the EU and beyond as the UK looks to trade with the rest of the world as an independent trading nation.

A track record of speaking up for employers

Ceemet and all its members have been campaigning for the best deal for manufacturers and ensuring we are in the most informed position to advise the industry on Brexit and its impacts.

Despite lingering uncertainty over the form Brexit will take, manufacturers should start preparing in a timely and an informed manner. Come March 2019 – deal or no deal – Brexit will take effect.